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As the summer heat intensifies, so does the buzz around the Marlay Park Concerts. This series of vibrant events is calling for music lovers and spirited volunteers to join the Welcome Team on various dates throughout the season. Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and become a part of the most anticipated musical experiences of the year.

Volunteering at Marlay Park isn’t just about being part of the crowd; it’s about leading the crowd. Welcome Team Members are the first faces concert-goers see, setting the tone with a friendly smile and a helpful attitude. Your role is essential in making the attendees’ experience memorable from the moment they step into the event.

The reward? Free entry to witness the electrifying performances of legendary bands and artists. Imagine welcoming fans, then joining them to rock out to the iconic sounds of Pearl Jam on the 22nd of June or basking in the punk-rock energy of Green Day on the 27th. Be part of the diverse and dynamic Longitude festival on the 29th and 30th, then sway to the soul-stirring tunes of Hozier on the 5th of July, followed by the anthemic melodies of Kings of Leon the very next day.

The beauty of volunteering with us at Marlay Park is the guarantee that your shifts end just in time for the headliners. You contribute to the success of the event and then revel in the music you love. It’s the perfect harmony of service and pleasure, of contribution and celebration.

If your heart beats for live music and you thrive in lively environments, seize this chance to volunteer. Not only will you enjoy the shows, but you’ll also play a crucial role in one of summer’s most exciting series of concerts. For the full lineup and to apply for your spot on the Welcome Team, visit our site now.

Join us at Marlay Park this summer; welcome the fans, be the vibe, and live the music!

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